Thursday, 28 June 2012

Muzy - Trying out a Tool of the Month!

 The Consultants-E offer a valuable bank of regular free Tool of the Month posts, which I enjoy reading.  The posts are writtten in a clear manner with examples of how each tool can be used.  I recently read about the September 2011 Tool of the Month post on Muzy, a new kind of blog for creative and visual people.

I have tried out Muzy very recently as the promise of "visual blogging" appealed to me.  I registered on and was very pleased to see how easy it was to get started on creating a lovely blog full of images.  There are many Muzy apps available to  enhance your images and in particular I loved the Photo Collage App.

Below you can see an example of a collage I created very easily relating to tools you can use for blogging.  I used this as an example in the short two-weeks Blogs course I am currently moderating for The Consultants-E.

Here is a weekend warmer prompt I added to a forum using the Thoughts App

Just for fun I tried out the Versus App.  Which of these two pictures do you think is the cutest?

This app would make a great "Compare and Contrast" type activity for FCE exam preparation students to discuss.  This is much more appealing and possibly engaging for them and students could create their own images to test each other.

The Muzy Doll me Up App is purely for fun, but could be used for students to create simple mottos or words of inspiration for projects.  It is an actual animation that moves up and down on the Muzy site!  I have chosen to keep it static on my blog page.

Below you can view a motivational message!

Thanks to the Consultants-E for always finding interesting and fun Tools of the Month!

You can view all my Muzy creations here


popps said...

Italy were brilliant but i suspect your motivational message was key!

Janet Bianchini said...

Yes, absolutely!! They were good, weren't they? Hope you are keeping well?

popps said...

cough, cough - yep, fine!

Natasa said...

Hi Janet,

Thank you for letting us know about Muzy. I love it and I will definitely give it a try. And thank you for sharing with us those very creative ideas about how to use Muzy with students. I especially like the Compare and Contrast activity for FCE students.